A look back: Covering Warren’s town hall

Elizabeth Warren visits San Diego

City Times and Newscene reflect on their experience

By Scott Gardinier
Copy Editor

This story was originally published in the October edition of City Times.

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren held a town hall in San Diego in early October, and City Times and Newscene took on the task of live reporting from the event.

Students from both platforms collaborated, forming a reporting team stationed at the Massachusetts senator’s event in Waterfront Park and a production team back at City College.

They worked together to provide live updates and to complete an article that night summarizing the event.

Despite expected problems with Wi-Fi at the park, the students managed to stay in direct communication throughout the event.


Reporting live on the Warren town hall was an enriching experience for City Times and Newscene students who were working next to, and competing with, paid professionals like CNN and ABC.

Lacey Stefano and Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle, both first-semester City Times staff members, did not let the crowd size or credentials scare them away as they succeeded in locating several City College students among a crowd of thousands.

“It was a little bit overwhelming because there were all these professionals that you see on the news that you aspire to be one day, and you were right next to them,” Cabello-Cuahutle said. “I was not aware that I would be so close to (Warren). I could touch her, but I didn’t!”

City Times and Newscene reporters at town hall sent information to be edited and uploaded by the remaining team at City College. After the event concluded, the students reunited at City College to finish their article and do a little celebrating.

It was Sonny Garibay’s first time leading such a large event with the staff this semester.

“I felt like it was going to be a lot of work, and it was, but I was really comfortable with the team,” the City Times Editor-in-Chief said. “I am very happy for what we got with our effort.”

City Times published its article just past midnight as a surprised janitor was making his way through the door. With a job well-done, City Times and Newscene staff went home to rest up and prepare for their next project.


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