City College News Network debuts

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With a new school year, the student media platforms of San Diego City College have announced a formal collaboration.

City College News Network City College News Network brings together the two student news outlets of Digital Journalism, City Times and Legend, with the pair from Radio, Television and Film, Newscene and SDS Radio.

“With the state of the media industry today, a formal collaboration is only natural,” said Nicole Vargas, professor of Digital Journalism, adviser to City Times and Legend and co-adviser to Newscene. “Giving the students more opportunities to work together is exactly the kind of preparation we as faculty want for students as they prepare to transfer and move into the professional ranks.”

CCNNOn their own, each of the four is a successful and award-winning digital-first operation. Together, the new partnership opens the door to formal collaborations, as well as a true multi-platform approach to covering news and events on campus and beyond.

The group’s first collaboration is expected to be the coverage of the California Primary in March, although the events leading up to the election could open opportunities sooner.



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